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Starting out in the fitness and nutrition industry almost 17 years ago, and moving into the world of endurance sports 14 years ago, I quickly realized you can't out train a poor diet. As I progressed from short distance triathlons, and on to full Ironman distance events, proper  nutrition for performance and recovery, became increasingly evident. 


LoAdebar is my go-to nutrition  because it's made with real whole food.  It's not only what is IN a LoAdebar but what is NOT in a LoAdebar. Just good ingredients, that before, I had to  eat  separately. N ow I have it in a  portable  nutrition bar that helps me perform at my best no matter where I go. 

LoAdebar was an  integral  part of my nutrition and training plan while preparing for both the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and Ironman World Championship this season. Thank you LoAdebar!



I have exercised on a casual basis by playing tennis, swimming, and biking. I have also tried X-country skiing and running. In 1995 I started biking long distances in Canada where we lived; and in order to fuel myself on these sometimes colder rides, my wife (Norma) supplied me with homemade energy bars. At that time the idea of selling a healthy bar was far from our thoughts. 

We emigrated from Canada to the US (TX) in 2001 and I continued biking. My wife also started biking and in 2007 we rode a tandem bike together from Houston to Austin (178 miles apart) as participants of a charity ride for Multiple Sclerosis. She also continued making and supplying me with energy bars.

I retired from my job (Mechanical Engineer) in February of this year and in March started training for my first ever triathlon –the Iron Man which recently took place in Chattanooga in September 2015 and in which I participated. Though the recipe for LoAdebar has been modified, the same basic bar was used to provide some of my nutritional needs on the IM ride some twenty years later- the clock has indeed turned “full circle”.

Thanks to my wife for her diligence and vision – we are truly blessed and thankful to be associated with talented coaches and athletes who are helping us to share this vision.



After completing my first 5k in 8th grade, I was hooked on the sport of running.  During high school, I competed interscholastically and held top honors in the state as well as finishing runner-up in the region.  After running collegiately for two years, I decided to try my hand at triathlon and have found good success in doing so. However, more than just competing for prizes, I have found that the running and triathlon community is amazing and pushes me every day to be better.  As an athlete, I strive  to make choices that will help me become better at my sport and in life.  This is why I choose LoAdebar; because I believe it gives me the most nutritious and healthy energy to enable me get the most out of myself.



Robyn Wilham, is a seasoned endurance athlete who has competed all kinds of races; everything from local sprint triathlon to multiple Ironman races across the country, an ultramarathoner, Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association series & TT Champion in 2010, placed 3rd at  Rev 3 Age Group Championship races 2 years in a row. She works as a registered nurse as well as a personal performance coach helping athletes achieve their dreams through FX Multisport Coaching. Robyn has worked with the Chattanooga Triathlon Club as the Full & Half Ironman Training Program Coach in 2014 & 2015 and has successfully trained over 50 athletes to compete in Ironman Chattanooga & the 70.3 race. She and her husband Stephen, live with their 2 beautiful daughters on a farm in Cleveland TN. Robyn is passionate about health, living an active lifestyle and nutrition and loves helping others be their best.

Why Robyn loves LoAdebar: “As a multisport athlete and coach, LoAdebar provides the perfect blend of whole food energy that I need to perform my best. I recommend it to all athletes. Early morning workouts, when I need fuel to swim or run, I grab a LoAdebar, it’s super convenient and healthy. LoAdebar’s combination of slow burning carbs, protein and healthy fats from the organic & non-GMO natural ingredients keep me going for the long run. It is also a healthy snack that I feel good about feeding to my children. I love that LoAdebar is made locally and there is nothing better than biting into a fresh LoAdebar.”

Coach Robyn,

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I have been an endurance athlete for 18 years. I spent 7 of those doing adventure racing. Those races were 24 hours to 10 days long. They consisted of mountain biking, trail running, kayaking and climbing while using a map and compass to navigate point to point. After retiring from that sport I was fortunate enough to mountain bike race on a pro/expert ladies team. Currently I am a team member of Motor Mile Racing sponsored by Trek. I have ridden and raced on some of the most beautiful trails in the country. Stage races are my forte which are 6-7 days long.

Nutrition becomes an important component for an aging athlete. We can no longer depend on our youthful power and speed. Wholesome food and proper nutrition fuels our engine and aids in recovery. My first LoAdebar was sampled in a local coffee shop. Not only was it delicious the ingredients were superb. Since I'm 90 percent vegan this healthy energy bar will greatly benefit my training rides and my racing needs. After going to the LoAdebar kitchen and meeting the developer I fell in love with everything it stood for. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the LoAdebar team.