I had the awesome privilege to share about Loadebar on Channel 3 "3 Plus you" TV program. Thank you Papa for another open door. 

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Coach Robyn has been using LoAdebar to fuel her very busy schedule training her athletes for the upcoming race season. In preparation for Ironman 70.3 in Chattanooga, Coach Robyn worked with over 50 athletes during an early spring training camp. The day started Friday, April 8th with a guided 1 mile swim in the Tennessee River. The conditions were very rough as the weather did not cooperate, but it was great training for everyone. A 56 mile ride on the bike course immediately followed the swim. On Saturday,the following day, with temperatures in the 30's, the crew repeated the training with another river swim followed by a long ride on the 70.3 course. The training camp included a run clinic held by Fast Break Athletics of Chattanooga. On Sunday, Robyn coordinated a half marathon training run along the Chattanooga Riverfront. Athletes who participated in this camp are now well prepared for their race. 

This last weekend, Coach Robyn participated in the Tri-Nooga training camp for the Chattanooga Triathlon Club. With race season approaching quickly, Robyn uses LoAdebar for energy while helping her athletes prepared to perform their best.

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Remember To Smile

March 28th, 2016

We have the opportunity, in this line of work, to connect with folks from many walks of life. From busy professionals who dare not leave their desk for lunch lest the workload multiply in their absence, to stay at home moms with little time for food prep, to endurance athletes who use our product to help carry them the distance in training.

As for the athletes, we had the experience recently of being  vendors at a  event that  put us front and center of the pre and post nerves that accompany maranthons... and other, similar, near death experiences.

The runners are as diverse as the finishing times, and the reasons for running, just as varied. But the unexpected, and the humorous, can befall all. Hearing athletes recall motivational signs along the way...things like; “These seemed like a good idea six months ago”, and from a recent triathlon, “Smile if you are peeing in your wetsuit”, have us remembering to see the humor, and not take ourseslves so seriously no matter how hard we trained. Training can become a grueling taskmaster that depletes us of the fun that led us into our adventure in the first place, if we let it. Stress over PR’s and time loss at water stations can eat away at the enjoyment of the experience, turning it into an opportunity to feel frazzled instead of fulfilled. So, as you pursue your ventures in the great out or indoors, be encouraged to remember why you started in the first place, and to keep it fun even as you compete. We hope to see you at the next event, and in the meantime, keep smiling, wetsuit strictly optional. 

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